Outside lineman work to fix single-pole transmission

What is the work that we do?

The majority of the work that we do includes (but is not limited to) the erection and maintenance of Power lines, Substations, Street Lights and Traffic Signals. Power lines might be Transmission lines running through the woods on structures as high as several hundred feet or Distribution lines that feed homes and businesses and run on roadside poles or in underground trenches and/or vaults.

No matter which specific type of work we are performing, the work is located outside in all types of weather conditions. In some circumstances, we are required to work in extreme weather to restore power during and after storms. In addition to that, the tools and equipment we use are heavy and cumbersome and anyone working in this trade must be physically capable of lifting and operating all required equipment in a safe and controlled manner.

A large and growing part of the work we do is performed on energized lines and equipment and is extremely hazardous and unforgiving. In order to be successful in this filed, you must be thoroughly familiar with the tools and work methods you are using and able to communicate effectively with your co-workers. Most importantly, you must be able to set aside any and all distractions and focus on the task at hand to ensure that the work is performed safely.

Journeymen Linemen build and maintain electrical power systems. They are capable of doing any of the work on the lines that carry electricity from the power plant all the way to the customer’s home or business. The power lines may be on overhead structures or in underground vaults or trenches located in rural or urban areas. Linemen also work in substations and on traffic signals and street lights. The work involved can vary greatly and is both mentally and physically challenging. Although linemen do a good portion of their work from bucket trucks and other aerial lifts, they also put on their hooks and climb poles frequently. Linemen also work in all weather conditions from extremely hot days, to extremely cold days and during storms to restore power when needed.

Train to be an outside lineman with NEAT

Some of the duties of an Outside Lineman are listed below:

  • Maintaining and Repairing Overhead Distribution or Transmission Lines
  • Installing and Maintaining Transformers and Other Equipment
  • Stringing New Wire or Maintaining Old Wire
  • Supervising Journey Level Workers and Apprentices
  • Installing and Maintaining Insulators
  • Planning and Initiating Projects
  • Establishing OSHA and Customer Safety Requirements
  • Setting of Towers, Poles and Construction of Other Devices to Hold Electrical Wiring
  • Installing, Repairing and Maintaining an Underground Electrical Distribution System
  • Assembly and Erection of Substations
  • Installing, Maintaining and Repairing Traffic or Train Signals and Outdoor Lighting

Apprentice Lineman is the entry level class for this trade. Under close supervision, apprentices learn the skills needed to be a Journeyman by performing the major points of the trade in a hands-on, on-the-job setting. As an apprentice, your main job is to assist Journeymen Linemen with the construction, maintenance, and repairs on electrical overhead and underground distribution and transmission systems. While doing so, you will also be required to attend weekend classes as well as keep up with your online coursework and supervised tests.