Become an outside lineman with Neat, today!

Minimum Requirements

Below are the Minimum Requirements to Apply to be an Outside Lineman:

  • You must be 18 years old;

    And have a valid driver’s license, and be physically fit.

  • You will be required to pass an aptitude test;

    And then appear before an interviewing committee.

  • You will be required to pass a drug test;

    And a background check and review of your driving record will be conducted.

  • Upon acceptance you will be required to pass a DOT physical;

    And a Drug Screening test.


    with air brake endorsement and “M” endorsement (if residing in the State of New York)

  • You must learn to climb proficiently.

  • You must be willing to work away from home;

    Anywhere within your local union jurisdiction, and NEAT’s 10 state jurisdiction.

  • You should like the outdoors.

  • You must be able to function as part of a highly skilled team;

    And be dependent on each other for safety and achievement.

  • You should like working with your head and your hands

    The work is hazardous and strenuous.

  • You should have the right attitude in order to complete your training program.

    (Once in this work for a year, virtually all apprentices say they are enthusiastic about the work and would not do any other kind of work.)

  • You must obtain Internet access.