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The Rewards

Apprentice Outside Lineman training builds skills – from the ground up. Your skills will enable you to participate in all phases of construction and maintenance in the Outside Electrical Industry. This trade is one of the very few which builds an entire construction project from start to finish. In other types of construction, specialized trades participate in the project for varying lengths of time. But you will enjoy the satisfaction of building the entire project; doing something different EVERYDAY, building something where there was nothing. It’s a great feeling and you will be helping to solve America’s urgent electric power needs.

Upon completion of apprentice training, you will have acquired an education comparable to the technical program of a two-year community college. It’s an education which you can take anywhere in the United States – anywhere in the world – wherever there is work. Your International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union membership will be honored wherever you go. Self-reliance and travel are yours as a lineman.

The pay is great! In the course of your apprentice training, you will be paid far more than the cost of a four-year college education. Beginning pay for apprentices is 60% of a journeyman lineman’s wages. You receive 5% increases as you complete various phases of your training program until finally, you receive full journeyman’s pay. Pay rates vary between local union jurisdictions, with excellent fringe and retirement benefits.

Foremen and general foremen rise from the ranks of Northeastern Apprentice Training Program graduates. In these days of increased electric power needs, advancement is rapid. Some Northeastern Apprentice Training graduates eventually start their own contracting business in the Outside Electrical Industry. You can go as far as your ambitions and abilities lead you; the opportunity is there.

There’s a great feeling of freedom and well-being in outside work. As a lineman, you will know the satisfaction of keeping physically fit and facing whatever nature can create. You will know the satisfaction of helping your fellow crew members complete a dangerous, difficult job. You will know the satisfaction of learning from experienced linemen how to do a job correctly and safely. You will know the meaning of the name International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.