Field of transmission systems

Earn While You Learn

Learn to build foundations, erect poles and towers, string wires, build substations, install street lighting systems and make underground installations – on all kinds of terrain – in all kinds of weather.

Learn to maintain existing electrical service, to replace poles, conductors, insulators, transformers and other apparatus – even while lines are energized.

Learn through on-the-job-training, through at-home study of instruction manuals and through classroom instruction. Your Northeastern Apprentice Training Program is carefully organized, consisting of a minimum of 7,000 hours of on-the-job training, requiring approximately 3½ years to complete. When you finish, you will understand electrical power transmission and distribution –from the ground up.

Upon satisfactory completion of the Northeastern Apprentice Training Program, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers will accept you as a Journeyman Lineman. Your Northeastern Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee for the Outside Electrical Industry is composed of representatives of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and Northeastern Line Constructors Chapter, NECA.