Outside lineman work in inclimate conditions

The Challenges

These are some of the many activities of a Journeyman Lineman, activities which you will master in the course of your apprentice training. You will learn, in addition to electrical work, elements of foundation construction, welding, heavy equipment operation, surveying, first aid, CPR, rigging and other skills. Mastery of the lineman’s trade makes you a very self-reliant individual.

  • Haul poles, towers and materials

    Over various terrain with heavy equipment, rigging and old-fashioned ingenuity

  • Dig holes

    For poles, anchors and foundations: dig trenches for underground systems using powered equipment and manual tools

  • Construct concrete foundations for towers

  • Assemble and erect towers

    Linemen climb wood poles to 125 feet, steel poles to 200 feet, and steel towers to 500 feet, or whatever heights may be required

  • String, splice, sag and deadend wires and cables

  • Install new wires and cables

    Overhead, underground and on poles in circuits energized from 110 volts to 34,500 volts and higher, with proper use of protective clothing and equipment

  • Install transformers

    In new and on existing construction, without service interruption

  • Install electrical service lines

    To customer facilities

  • Install street lights and traffic signals

  • Build substations

  • Repair electric facilities

    Under stormy weather conditions

  • Align poles and towers

    With a surveyor’s transit

  • Operate line construction equipment

The work of a lineman is hard and it is risky.

But it is also challenging. If you enjoy working outdoors; if you want a diversified non-routine job where you use both your head and your hands; if you can accept the challenge of lineman’s work, then join the Apprentice Training Program. And earn the rewards.